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Supplemental Information: Napa County Rodents

Norway Rat Roof Rat House Mouse Scientific Name Rattus norvegicus Rattus rattus Mus musculus Other Common Names Barn Rat, Brown Rat,   Common Rat, Gray Rat,   Sewer Rat, Water Rat,      Wharf Rat Black Rat, Fruit Rat,      Grey-Bellied Rat, House Rat, Ship Rat, White-Bellied Rat Body … Continue reading

Rodent-borne Diseases

Common Name Scientific Name Disease Arenavirus Hantavirus Leptospirosis Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Rat Bite Fever Salmonellosis Deer Mouse Peromyscus spp. X X House Mouse Mus musculus X X X X Norway Rat Rattus norvegicus X X X Roof Rat Rattus rattus X … Continue reading

What can you do?

How to prevent rats from infesting your property Remove sources of food and water Store garbage in sound metal containers with tight-fitting lids. Use a regular garbage removal service. Feed pets only the amount of food they will eat.  Leave no … Continue reading

Common Rodents

Norway Rat Has a heavy body. Tail is shorter than head and body combined. Total length may reach 18 inches. Weighs up to about 1 lb. Lives and nests in underground burrow system. Also lives in sewers, buildings, basements, and … Continue reading