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National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Napa County Mosquito Abatement District (NCMAD) is currently applying adulticide and larvicide materials as a part of its Integrated Vector Management program to control mosquitoes, rodents, and yellowjacket nests.  All products used by NCMAD are EPA registered public health pesticides.  Applications of these products are conducted by state certified mosquito and vector control technicians in accordance with label requirements and NCMAD’s best management practices. Click here for more information about the pesticides used by NCMAD.

Applications will continue throughout the year, as necessary, for in-ground yellowjacket nests and at various sites providing mosquito habitat (e.g. roadside ditches, flood control channels, storm detention basins, catch basins, tidal and freshwater marshes).

This serves as the NCMAD notification for pesticide application under the NPDES permit. For more information contact us at 707.553.9610.

Mitigated Negative Declaration

Mitigated Negative Declaration (1999) – pdf (14 meg)

2012 PEIR Notice of Preparation

Notice of Preparation – PEIR pdf


Napa County Mosquito Abatement District Final PEIR October 2015

Summary (pdf)

Chapter 1 Introduction (pdf)

Chapter 2 Program Description (pdf)

Chapter 3 Urban and Rural Land Uses (pdf)

Chapter 4 Biological Resources – Aquatic (pdf)

Chapter 5 Biological Resources – Terrestrial (pdf)

Chapter 6 Ecological Health (pdf)

Chapter 7 Human Health (pdf)

Chapter 8 Public Services and Hazard Response (pdf)

Chapter 9 Water Resources (pdf)

Chapter 10 Air Quality (pdf)

Chapter 11 Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change (pdf)

Chapter 12 Noise (pdf)

Chapter 13 Cumulative Impacts (pdf)

Chapter 14 Other Required Disclosures (pdf)

Chapter 15 Alternatives (pdf)

Chapter 16 List of Preparers (pdf)

Chapter 17 References (pdf)

Appendix A Biological Resources Technical Report (pdf)

Appendix B Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessment (pdf)

Appendix C Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Technical Report (pdf)

Appendix D Noise Analysis Technical Report (pdf)

Appendix E Alternatives Analysis (pdf)

Apendix F Supplemental IMVMP Information (pdf)

Responses to Comments / Revisions to Draft PEIR (pdf)